Baobab coffee limited Ltd was founded in 2007 and was licensed by the coffee board of Kenya as a coffee exporter/roaster and Utz certified. Baobab Coffee has made us Kenya’s leading coffee roaster and exporter, with an unsurpassed reputation for quality. The company’s customer base includes major users of coffee and prestigious gourmet roasters all around the world. Our success hinges on rigorous quality control, and although concentrating on premium qualities, we can offer a whole range of Kenyan Coffee.

We are committed to supporting Kenyan coffee farmers who take enormous care in the growing and processing coffee. Sustainability and ethical sourcing are critical elements of our buying policy. We also develop specific blends for clients who would need exceptional Kenyan coffee. Our team of qualified liquors ensures that the quality of coffee we send to our clients meets the required standard. We try to surpass clients’ expectations.

Small Batches, Specialty Coffee

Freshly roasted & packaged locally.

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We deliver using our logistics partner Sendy within Kenya.

Expect delivery within 36 hours within Nairobi and 48-72 hours to all major towns in Kenya.

Fresh coffee, Breakfast blend

Breakfast Blend Coffee 375g

Kes. 650

Caramel, citrus | Rich, Heavy Body | Grape Aroma


Espresso Blend Coffee 375g

Kes. 750

Citrus, Fruity | Body -Rich and Bold | Floral Aroma


Gourmet Blend Coffee 375g

Kes. 950

Blackcurrant, Grapefruit | Bold Body | Grapefruit Aroma


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